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Coal Testing

QA Testing Laboratories are into coal testing services in Noida and Analysis of complete parameters of coal and coke which are used in various power plants and steel industries, as coal analysis test plays an important role in both the industries, there are mainly three types of test we do

  • Proximate Analysis: Determines moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon and ash content. Proximate analysis is reported by percent on as-received, moisture-free, and moisture-ash-free bases. For coalbed methane, the proximate analysis, particularly moisture, ash, and volatile matter, is the most important for gas content and adsorption.
  • Ultimate Analysis: Determines carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulphur contents, which are reported as percent on as-received and moisture-ash-free bases. Ultimate analysis is important for classification of coal by rank.
  •  Gross Calorific Value Analysis: Determines calorific value or heating value. It indicates the amount of heat that is released when the coal is burned.

QA Testing Laboratories a coal testing laboratory are following different Indian Standards to test these parameters different parameters of coal, coal testing involves different test methods and standards such as 

  • IS 1350: Part 1 Method of test for Coal and Coke: Part 1 Proximate Analysis
  • IS 1350: Part 2 Method of test for Coal and Coke: Part 2 Determination of Calorific Value
  • IS 1350: Part 3 Method of test for Coal and Coke: Part 3 Determination of Sulphur
  • IS 1350: Part 4 Method of test for Coal and Coke: Part 4 Ultimate Analysis
  • IS 4433 Method for Determination of hard grove Grind ability index of coal

And ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International Standard such as ASTM D3172 – 13 (Standard Practice for Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke), ASTM D3176 – 15 (Standard Practice for Ultimate Analysis of Coal and Coke).

Coal Testing Parameters involves

  • Moisture
  • Ash
  • Gross Calorific Value
  • Volatile Matter
  • Fixed carbon
  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Sulphur
  • HGI 
  • Ash Fusion

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