Importance of Building Material Testing In Constructions

The raw materials for example cement, steel, concrete, asphalt aggregates, rocks etc are used to construct a building, road bridges, pavement etc. These are subjected to various types of forces like tensile, compression shear etc. to find out their quality, to check if they can withstand the forces which are expected after the construction of these structures. To determine such magnitude a variety of tests are performed both in the laboratory and in the field such testing is known as Building Material Testing.

The examination is also made mandatory by legal entities such as the government and building principles therefore that all the products that are obtained meet the industry demands & standards.

The raw materials are tested for:

  • Durability
  • Intensity
  • Integrity
  • Engineering systems
  • Construction products
  • Quality

These tests are necessary so that materials that are used for construction to keep away from any risk in the future.

Where Is The Testing Done?

The service of building materials testing can be progressed in both Laboratories as well as field/Onsite areas.

  • Field Testing – Onsite areas mean that the fields are used for testing materials by certified professionals. The materials are accessed through various machines and visual examinations. If the result is established to be ambiguous or uncertainty then the provided materials are transferred to testing laboratories for further analysis. Examples of onsite testing include testing gravity of collective, non-destructive testing of concrete structure, testing & determination of mixed concrete weight, etc.

What Are The Limits Of The Field Testing Of Any Construction Material?

There are a few limitations: It can be money and all other resources are wasted if there is inappropriate management. Sometimes, false positives in some incidences which may encourage the test to be performed on a large scale. If the results are incorrect we will have to re-check many times with the same resources and place.

  • Laboratory Testing is the second phase of testing which is mostly necessary when the results from the onsite testing remain undetermined. There are done using building material testing equipment and tools that you can find in approximately any Building Material Testing Examples includes a test for determination of moisture content within the soil or rock through mass, test for plastic limits, liquid limits, as well as plasticity index of soils, analysis of coarse aggregates, etc.

What Is The Importance Of Building Material Testing?

  • Testing also helps the operators in recognizing whether the product or material they are using is appropriate and sufficient for construction or not.
  • These testing of building materials have become very important as they help in avoiding breakdowns and preventing regular servicing of the construction materials which eventually saves extra expenses as well.
  • The testing helps in making quantifiable decisions to give valued construction that serves for a very long time.
  • The testing also helps in providing on the whole safety construction which is very crucial to assure the humans who would be residing there later.
  • Building material testing helps in improving the overall performance as well as quality of the construction and leads to chosen results that are desired by the operators.

How Can Building Material Testing Help In Construction?

Building Material Testing assists in construction by identifying any problems that may lead to future deformities. Building material testing helps to identify future risks which could effortlessly be prevented after the testing results are understood by the executive.

Without testing of building materials, the quality of the material will remain not possible for the workers and engineers to find out that can later commence assumption measurements.

Testing materials give confidence and a sense of guarantee to the engineers and the workers that the product they are using is not only sturdy but perfect as well for the construction.

Name The Company Which Provides Building Material Testing And Its Services?

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